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Governor Michael L. Parson

Jan M. Zimmerman, Chairman

Peggy D. Richardson, Executive Director

Licensing Division

The Missouri Gaming Commission has statutory responsibility for licensing excursion gambling boats, their parent companies, suppliers of gaming equipment, and all employees participating in gaming operations within the state in any capacity. Licensing of entities and individuals ensures the businesses and employees involved in the gaming industry in Missouri meet the standards established by the Commission and are suitable to hold a license.

Background and Financial Investigations

Investigators are trained in the areas of corporate finance, organizational structures and SEC reporting. These investigators conduct background and financial investigations on corporate applicants, partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships and publicly traded corporations applying for gaming licenses in Missouri, as well as the officers, directors, trustees, proprietors, managing agents, general managers and beneficial shareholders thereof.

This corporate investigation includes a review of the financial viability of a company for the five-year period preceding the application, and incorporates reference checks with the SEC to determine if the company is or has been the subject of an investigation for any illegal activity.

Additionally, each registered publicly traded corporation is constantly monitored which includes a review of all SEC filings, forms and reports, press releases and other financial and legal disclosures.


Commission personnel ensure in-depth inspections of all construction projects. Annual inspections of hull safety and compliance with fire and safety codes are conducted to promote the safety and security of casino properties. Inspections relate directly to protecting the safety of all persons patronizing, employed by, or visiting a casino.