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Governor Michael L. Parson

Jan M. Zimmerman, Chairman

Peggy D. Richardson, Executive Director

Enforcement Division

Administrative Discipline

The Missouri Gaming Commission ensures integrity and reinforces public confidence in gaming by holding licensees accountable for compliance with gaming regulations. Accountability encourages casinos and their employees to operate within all applicable gaming laws and regulations. The Discipline program affects future levels of compliance for previously non-compliant licensees.

Compliance Audit

The Commission compliance audit staff consists of audit teams in the St. Louis and Kansas City offices. The compliance audit staff conducts audits of each casino in Missouri to identify areas of noncompliance with statutes, regulations, and internal controls. Our audit programs are designed to ensure procedures affecting the adjusted gross receipts and the integrity of gaming are in compliance with existing regulations. Our audit staff interprets the applicable rules and recommends corrective action for areas of noncompliance when conducting audits and assisting gaming agents with investigations. The casinos’ internal audit departments conduct semi-annual audits. Our auditors review these audits and follow-up on the findings to ensure that proper corrective measures have been taken. The audit staff performs the same procedures for required external audit reports, which are completed by independent audit firms quarterly. Our audit staff actively contributes to the revisions of the MGC rules and regulations and participates in the review of the changes the casinos make to their own internal controls.

Electronic Gaming Device Staff

The Electronic Gaming Device (EGD) staff ensures the integrity and accuracy of EGDs (i.e. slot machines) and associated systems operating in Missouri casinos. This is achieved by monitoring, inspecting, verifying, securing, and testing the EGDs; investigating malfunctions, incidents, and customer complaints; and properly reviewing new technology.

Highway Patrol Gaming Division

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Gaming Division conducts criminal and regulatory investigations for the Missouri Gaming Commission. The Patrol’s Gaming Division is divided into three primary units: Administrative Services, Investigations and Enforcement. The Administrative Services Section oversees the collection and preservation of evidence and motor equipment fleet management. The Investigative Unit conducts comprehensive background investigations of individuals, companies and suppliers applying for licensure with the Missouri Gaming Commission. This section also features a specialized unit, which is responsible for criminal and regulatory enforcement related to charitable game operations and licensure in Missouri. The Charitable Games Section oversees licensed bingo operators and is also charged with conducting background investigations on both charitable gaming and riverboat supplier companies. The Enforcement unit is responsible for enforcing both Missouri criminal statutes and state regulations on the licensed casino properties. The Patrol’s Gaming Division’s overall mission is to ensure the integrity and safety of gaming by conducting thorough background investigations, comprehensive criminal investigations as well as regulatory investigations.


The Missouri Gaming Commission collects, evaluates, and shares information about cheating, fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activity linked to the gaming industry with other enforcement agencies at all levels from local police to international agencies and gaming industry resources.

Minority/Woman Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program

The Missouri Gaming Commission ensures that each Class B licensee has an affirmative action plan. Each Class B licensee shall have as its goal the use of best efforts to achieve maximum employment of African-Americans and other minorities and maximum participation in the procurement of contractual purchases of goods and services.

Rules and Regulations

The Enforcement Division enforces all criminal statutes and Missouri Gaming Commission rules relating to casino operations. All applicable laws, CSRs, and MGC policies ensure the integrity of gaming, protect gaming assets, and public safety. Rules & Regulations are continuously updated to keep pace with changes in technology and operations within the industry.

Table Games

All table games offered for play in Missouri casinos, as well as each casino's house rules are examined to ensure they are understandable, fair, and comply with state gaming regulations.


Training programs for gaming enforcement agents draw on nationally and internationally recognized experts in a wide range of technical, professional, and academic specialties. This training ensures our agents have the knowledge and skills required to handle the full spectrum of gaming-related investigations and enforcement activities.