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Governor Michael L. Parson

Jan M. Zimmerman, Chairman

Peggy D. Richardson, Executive Director

Casino Gaming Complaint Procedure

If you have a complaint about any activity involving any apparent violation of a law or gaming regulation in relation to casino based gaming activities, please ask to speak to the Gaming Commission agent on-duty at the casino as soon as possible after the incident. You may also call our Jefferson City office at (573) 526-4080 or complete, sign and submit a complaint form to us.

Although regulated by the state in certain areas, customer relations issues must be resolved between the patron and a casino customer service representative. Missouri Gaming Commission agents are present at all Missouri casinos while gaming is being conducted, and Missouri gaming regulations require the casino to contact a Missouri Gaming agent, if one is requested. If you have a specific complaint and are unsuccessful in resolving it with casino personnel, please instruct the casino to contact the gaming agent on duty, so that you can speak with the gaming agent and address your complaint or issue at that time.

Gaming Commission Complaint Investigation

Upon receipt of a formal complaint, the Gaming Commission will review the allegations to determine if the Commission has jurisdiction and assign the complaint to a gaming agent for investigation. The gaming agent will investigate the complaint and review the facts. When the investigation is complete, the Commission will mail to you a summary of their findings of the investigation.