Multiple Organization Bingo License Application

Multiple organizations, not to exceed five, may join together to apply and may receive a single license to conduct the game of bingo in accordance with Section 313.010 RSMo. Each organization must meet the requirements for a bingo license on an individual basis. The multiple organization license allows two-year members from each organization to combine their efforts in managing and conducting a bingo event on a regular basis.

If more than one organization is combining to receive a bingo license, complete the following applications: Missouri Multiple Organization License Application - Form 120 and a Missouri Bingo/Pull-Tab Application - Form 100 for each organization involved.


If only one organization wishes to apply for a bingo license, please complete the following application only: Missouri Bingo/Pull-Tab Application - Form 100.

The applications are PDF's and must be opened with Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this program, download it here.